Live the Luxury 2019 “Little Gem”

Treviso, April 2019

“Little Gem” is the tagline chosen for the annual event, underlining and emphasizing the importance of our most intimate personal values and the environments designed for them, be they public or private spaces. Ranging from grand-scale to cozy, they are inestimably important, which is why Faoma treats them with the utmost care and consideration. In order to enable our prestigious Clients and Brand Ambassadors to share in this ‘philosophy’ and see its concrete results, Faoma will present a small, exclusive home, fully furnished, equipped and decorated down to the smallest detail, which will enhance the reception spaces in our Silea concept store.

Continuing with the updating of our new editorial line supporting promotional brand activities, the second volume of Live the Luxury, a series dedicated to prestigious homes, will be unveiled during the event.

“I like to think that the kitchen is the beating heart of every home, because the aromas and flavors evoke each family’s most intimate memories. It crosses different cultures, uniting them in a common ancestral ritual that takes place in every home, in every city, in every country in the world. The features, style and technology evolve over time with the century’s contemporaneity and modernity, but the warmth that emanates is always the same.” This is Franco Scalo’s introduction to the new brochure dedicated to contemporary, international-style kitchens, which will be presented during “Live the Luxury 2019”.