Fashion & Technology

Treviso, 2 – 30 April 2017

The 2017 “Edition of Live the Luxury” is dedicated to the “Fashion and Technology” concept. This event has been conceived to inspire you in different ways and make you experience and explore our world through multiples senses. You will find the style that best suits your idea of house and draw inspiration for your prospective projects. Faoma invites you to discover Elegance, Distinctive Style and a Life Philosophy built around those who can live their house in a unique and distinctive way.¬†Faoma will guide you to an exclusive journey through our new creations, always with a touch of exceptionality, featuring cutting-edge technology created by the human intellect.

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New creations feature a fully automated wine cellar. Thanks to its rotation mechanism, vertical space is optimized and a two-sided access is created, thus making the cellar accessible directly both from the kitchen or the dining room. The exposed version can contain up to 180 bottles and it has been harmoniously integrated in the ebony Operà living.

Our accessory collection takes inspiration from the colours of prestigious woods, with nuances ranging from neutral to deeper colours, such as cork and tobacco. The design is neat and sober to suit the contemporary lifestyle.

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