Private Villa in Cortina – Italian Design Furniture

Canaletto walnut is used in all design furnishings and complemented by light oak wooden flooring, together with a selection of fabrics and upholstery in soft grey and warm tonalities.

An important and ambitious project for a home of international prestige, designed and customized by Faoma, featuring hand planed Canaletto walnut.

The tonalities of woods blend with the natural nuances of leather, stone and iron, generating an effective contrast with the brightly coloured works of art on the walls. A tactile, coherent and balanced play on colours and spaces which defines the essence of this luxury interior project.

An exclusive villa, where luxury is perceived as a value, an expression of good taste


Wooden paneling create a cosy atmosphere.

Distinguishing features of a Trend sawn Canaletto walnut kitchen include a clean cut design coupled with the warmth of wood.

The combination of wood with steel and chromes lighten the overall effect and matches effectively with electrical appliances. The flatness of the doors highlights the minimalist aspirations of this project, without compromising on elements created by professional cabinet makers, such as the listel solid wood handles which interrupt the continuity of wall shelves and columns.

The bedroom has been conceived to create an intimate and pleasing room, where every surface is naturally decorated by Canaletto walnut.

This bathroom contains all possible comforts for the homeowner, with an LCD screen fitted next to the bathtub.

Walnut in the Trend collection is used on walls, flooring and sink furniture, creating an exclusive and harmonious continuity.

For anyone who has ever dreamt of having their own spa at home where they can relax and get in shape, Faoma designs customized wellness areas which integrate an array of professional equipment for personal wellness. In this home spa, the Canaletto walnut panelling integrally lines the space to create a sensation of warmth and relaxing intimacy.