Compared to other rooms in the house the kitchen is relatively small, but very welcoming and festively elegant. Faoma furnishings are beautiful but functional at the same time and confer a light and comfortable feel upon the interior. The small round table with finely engrave chairs (Chelini) and crystal chandelier further enhance this lightness.
Your Majesty, the Interior
Olga Shundrik and Olga Vrublevskaya studied architecture at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and specialised in “artistic architecture” and since graduating in 1996 they have continuously worked in interior design, creating personalised projects. Their time at “Bisanzio” has bolstered their experience. “Bisanzio” is one of Kiev’s top groups in the architecture and construction sector and has successfully worked on the Ukrainian market since 1998. Its sectors of specialisation are interior design, the integral renewal of interiors, design and construction.

Olga Shundrik and Olga Vrublevskaya’s client came to them with a request to create her entire house from scratch.
To get a better understanding of trends in the furnishing industry she visited a major trade fair in Milan, where her heart was enraptured by one of Italy’s most important manufacturers of ытро Сollection furniture. The beauty and grandiosity of classical furnishing defined the house’s future style and the architects were assigned with the unequivocal task of inserting the most suitable furniture in interiors.
And so, starting from a “golden lock”, an abode worthy of a royal family was created.

The client, already at the start of works, referred to her future house as the “small palace”.
Her passion for classical furniture, expensive textiles, gilded carvings and crystal chandeliers corresponded fully with the selected style, however already at the outset, architects were faced with a problem. The house purchased by the client was not at all in line with the elaborated idea. Given that moving the existing structure was not possible, the authors of the project had no choice but to change the rooms and find new compositional axes for the correct arranging of furniture. The main task was to search for a harmonious solution for wall and ceiling finishings, decorations and the choice of colour ranges.
The painstaking yet at the same time extremely interesting task of creating a welcoming and functional house which was to contain baroque elements, furnishings featuring elegant carvings and fabrics, truly required all of the architects’ imagination. Based on the house’s floor plan they created a personalised project, true to the finest traditions of classical splendour.
Worthy of a true palace, the dining and living rooms are separate, however the skilled arrangement of furnishings and use of the same colour range, silk drapery with gilded finishings and a scenario of extraordinary colours, all visually unite these interiors in a single composition. The rooms are embellished with carvings and gilding, generating an organic effect.
The first floor is highly functional: the living room, kitchen and dining room, connected by sliding doors and portals, can all be united in a single environment, and separated just as easily by a simple and light movement of the hand, sheltering and concealing each room from indiscreet gazes. The kitchen is divided from the dining room by a sliding system which creates an extremely welcoming and harmonious environment. For quick breakfasts and informal lunches there is a small round table and comfortable engraved chairs. In addition to the central chandelier, there is another lighting system over the work area, rendering the kitchen not only more welcoming but also enhancing its functionality. The marble floors are a continuation of the living room and dining room ones; the colour range, refined carvings and ceiling featuring complex shapes confer lightness and weightlessness upon the environment. The manner in which craftsmen have resolved issues regarding the use of state-of-the art technologies for the interiors is worthy of attention: golden-framed plasma TVs, appliances hidden inside furnishings and others which have been selected in retro style. Practically all of the house’s interiors are luxurious, with greater or lesser degrees of emphasis on baroque elements. The client’s bedroom is quite intimate. The bed from the ]шпЬо collection is extremely luxurious thanks to hand finishings and head board with etchings. The colour range features relaxing chocolate and beige tones. The imposing curtains and chandelier with fabric lampshade confer a mild and welcoming atmosphere upon the interior.
In terms of design, the guest rooms are just as interesting. Refined furnishings, ceiling stuccoes, mirrors which multiply spaces: all elements which confer charm and personality upon these interiors. The billiard room, located on the lower ground floor, has been organised so that the client and house guests can spend time here in comfort.
A luxurious bath tub is every queen’s dream. Fixings and materials used for finishings, coupled with excellent design, have created a unique regal look for this interior.
Each area of the house has been studied down to the finest of details. There are no bright and showy colours, but attentively researched details confer a unique character upon every single environment, a lasting impression. Decorative elements, fabrics, statuettes and pictures: everything has been tastefully arranged and the villa’s overall image fully corresponds to what the architects were commissioned with. They have successfully created a small, welcoming kingdom, a place to spend time with friends in comfort, to rest, mediate and ponder the future. Because contemporary princesses have less time on their hands!