Operà – An Italian design kitchen

A luxury bespoke kitchen for contemporary excellence

Operà is suspended between past and future, characterised by luxury furnishings which embrace both the historic and design, where culture, stylistic features and fine, noble materials of Italian Deco are reinterpreted in a contemporary, artisanal key for an exclusive and heterogeneous international market. An unmistakable style, luxury contemporary design, the nobility of materials and quality carpentry are distinguishing elements of this collection, developed in the Operà kitchen. Carefully selected and polished Makassar ebony is the main characterising feature, skilfully crafted into exclusive high quality decorative elements. A Made in Italy design kitchen featuring warm colours and modern taste with the matching of engraved mother of pearl elements, chrome steel, crystal, mirrors and led glasses, finest-quality fabrics and leather, tastefully decorated by experienced and skilled artisans.