Apartment in Miami – Bespoke luxury furnishings

Emotion features Canaletto “sawn effect” walnut, characterised by a transversal cut along the wood’s natural grain, resulting in a surface memorable to the touch and to the eye. Design furnishings, featuring doors with listels, boiserie wall panelling and spaces organised down to the finest of details. All furnishings are made to measure by craftsmen and created by Faoma’s Italian interior designers to confer contemporary luxury upon the living area.

Made in Italy distinguishes itself here in a modern, clean and linear interior solution, where quality and elegance are elevated to value and distinction.

The dining room features a spacious table with surrounding bench.

Interior enriched by low panelling and a spacious listel credenza, full wall composition with closed doors, listels and niches and glass shelves.

Half height panelling harmonizing all house interiors.


Living room credenza with listel doors

A fully customized kitchen which skilfully incorporates the best technologies thanks to its effective design.

The combination of steel and walnut creates a contemporary interior, completed with harmoniously incorporated professional electrical appliances.