Private Villa in London – Luxury bespoke Furniture

Refined fabrics, comfortable cushions, bespoke boiserie, works of art and accessories are all carefully selected and matched to create interiors with class, dedicated to the pleasure of living. The Elizabeth collection exalts the interior due to its extreme versatility, brimming with potential for different solutions and interpretations. Design furnishings and luxury handmade finishing for a regally elegant interior.

Elegance is enhanced by the perfectly matching decorative elements.

Our high experienced architects and interior designers are available to create solutions on the specific needs of the customer.

A majestic and regal kitchen. The top and upper parts are made from thick Siena yellow marble; outer profiles are personalized with special hand crafted mouldings.


The dedicated “customisation” service allows to choose between different types of wood, finishes, fabrics, upholstery and accessories that make a night area unique and very special.


Precious watches can be comfortably stored in a motorised pilaster whose automated rotating system at adjustable speed ensure a constant power reserve.

The organization of interior spaces and practicality is foreseen by multiple drawers and accessories for personal clothes and linen. Walk in wardrobes also contain unique motorized features designed to keep everything in place and for the safe storage of valuables.

The colours and shades of wood, marble and the splendid golden bathtub mosaic are balanced in perfect harmony.

Bathroom central piece for him and for her matching the style of the collection. The Jacuzzi and flower mosaic match with the inlaid marble floor decorations.