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hildren who are passionate about following in their father’s footsteps, are destined to succeed.  When the cabinet maker Serafino Scalco founded a small workshop together with a few friends and colleagues in the Veneto region, there was no way that he could have imagined that Faoma would become the choice of the world’s most prestigious abodes.

However Faoma did not forge its prestigious reputation overnight. Back in the 60s, the small workshop stayed true to what a group of friends had agreed to: the production of made to order furniture. Each cabinet maker was endowed with a profound knowledge of the secrets of carpentry and craftsmanship, and embraced the introduction of new technologies. Serafino’s innovative spirit soon infected his sons Loris and Franco, who observed and admired his work at the workshop, slowly acquiring the experience necessary for the carpentry trade, also with the use of motorised tools.
In 1980, based on what his father and colleagues had already achieved, they founded the famous company known today as Faoma. From the outset both brothers showed great wisdom in the division of tasks. Loris manages purchases and design, whereas Franco is brand manager and art-director.
It has to be said that obsession- in its most positive sense, Franco’s passion for design, has made a profound contribution towards rendering Faoma furniture unique and unmistakable.
The creative brother of the Scalco duo directly participates in the elaboration of the company’s most important projects. Up to now he personally coordinated team work and even led negotiations with major partners and the company’s most important clients.
It is important for us to understand just how the Scalco brothers first began to take over the world. The company’s earliest projects focused on the creation of innovative kitchens and bathrooms. As before, focus was on the personalisation of projects. Upon forging a reputation among its most important clients, the company began to grow and reinforced its position both on the national and international market. Today Faoma is famous all over the world. The company has consolidated its collaborations with eastern Europe and is preparing to launch onto the Asian market.
Both brothers always have in mind the experience of their father and his colleagues, which is why they keenly track the very latest innovations in the field of domotics, relentlessly integrating state-of-the-art technologies into proven artisan tradition. The company has been using biometric locks for some time now.
Currently there are two main areas of business: classic and contemporary interiors. Both are grounded in the same principles: audacity, stylistic coherence, impeccable taste, high-level craftsmanship, extremely high quality woods and, of course, the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the creation of furniture.
For some time now the company’s furniture collections transcend the kitchen and bathroom areas.
Today it produces everything for a welcoming house: living rooms, bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, spa areas, home-cinemas, libraries, etc.
There is great attention to finishings which are perceived as the most important way to confer individuality upon furniture: for example antique finish techniques, gilding, lacquering and carvings are often used.


  1. Franco Scalco, brand manager of the company Faoma.
  2. Elizabeth Living Room.
  3. Serafino Scalco (bottom right), the company’s founder, together with his sons.
  4. Elizabeth Dining Room, Diamond table and chairs.
  5. The company’s founder, Serafino Scalco (right), in the production department.
  6. The Faoma Showroom