Stories about the history of the Faoma brand.

Faoma stands for Falegnameria Officina Meccanica Artigiana in Italian, which means ‘Mechanical Craftsmanship Carpentry Workshop’. The company was founded by my family in the early 1960s. My father, a master cabinetmaker, and my uncle, an expert in mechanical automation, had the idea of setting them apart in the furniture market by offering furnishings that integrated early hydraulic mechanisms. The generational shift occurred at the beginning of the 1980s, when we started to concentrate on the production of premium bathroom and kitchen furnishings with cutting-edge integrated domotic and mechanical automation features.
We offer unique, innovative products at this level and are always prepared to tackle any challenge to meet the specific needs of our customers. And the market has always rewarded us for this, even during times of global economic crisis. Recently, one of my children joined the company and I am patiently taking him through all the important steps so one day he’ll be a businessman ready to “captain the ship”. Though it is early to talk about generational change, there is much enthusiasm and desire for the “future”. Continuously improving our range and the complex process of internationalizing the company require energy, which, luckily, we have plenty of.

You have a wide range of products, but originally the kitchens were your ‘calling card’. What’s the situation today?

In recent years Faoma has grown a lot. Our company is still recognized as one of the market leaders for kitchen furniture, but we also offer diversified styles for every part of the home. Today, our clients increasingly instruct us to bring Faoma quality to all their living areas, entrusting us with customizing these environments down to the smallest detail. In addition, nowadays our mechanisms frequently have different applications, such as walk-in wardrobes, bookcases, wine cellars, panic room access walls, and rooms for storing and preserving delicate content.

Who designs your collections?

I have always been passionate about drawing my collections myself. Today, extensive commitments and the company’s constant growth means there are a dozen people in the Style Office: all of them are specialists who have been working with me for a long time. We not only offer classic lines, but for years, with the same obsession with quality, we have offered contemporary and international styles suitable for global markets. However, I oversee every project and I’m fully involved in the work.

Which materials do you prefer to use for your furniture?

All the materials used by Faoma are carefully selected and are of the highest quality available on the market: hardwoods, marble, fabrics, stucco and whatever else is needed to decorate a prestigious private home. In keeping with our philosophy, when possible we use Italian materials, because they represent our history and that of all the workers and professionals involved in the project.

How often do you produce bespoke designs?

We are recognized worldwide as excelling in bespoke products and handling both simple and complex projects with the same precision and passion. Over the years it has been necessary to expand our services to offer our clients and their professionals (architects or interior designers) the best service possible. We have developed a design office which uses the most advanced and appropriate rendering techniques to create realistic designs which turn clients’ dreams into reality but are also technically achievable, because the stylistic side is always overseen by those who will carry out the work.

What’s Faoma’s philosophy?

The Faoma philosophy finds its strength in always adhering to the historical and moral values taught to us by our family and our history: prioritizing quality, preserving and applying the traditions of Italian craftsmanship, and passing on our love for our work to our guests. That’s why we prefer to invite and welcome all the professionals and clients involved in a project to our concept store. Only in this way can we fully understand, see and create together the best solution for everyone. We believe the era of branded and authorized goods is over, and that people who really know how to live love exclusivity: bespoke products created especially for them and not others.

Let me add a little thought. Today Faoma works all over the world, but it’s your country that first trusted me when I started my business and for that I’d like to thank it.