Private Villa in St. Petersburg – Made in Italy Luxury Furnishings

Luxury comes to life in a Diamond interior. Spaces are enhanced by ivory coloured boiserie which confers a warm and enveloping effect upon the entire lounge area. Features artisan panel lacquering. Prestigious furniture and handmade finishings for this Faoma collection. Projects and regally luxurious furnishings are created by the skilled hands of our craftsmen and the creative minds of our Italian interior designers.


Every element shines like the most precious of diamonds.

The Diamond kitchen features fine backlit onyx surfaces. The boiserie and ample doorway, both decorated with hand carved- wooden friezes featuring lacquering and silver leaf, enrich even more this interior.

Hand carved-wooden friezes and decorations featuring lacquering and silver leaf.

A spacious dressing room integrate into the welcoming bedroom area. All pilasters can be controlled through remote controller and be customised to meet specific needs, while locking systems ensure the highest security and confidentiality.

Interiors reflecting your personality.

On the background it can be noticed the secret room access perfectly integrated into the wall. Coordinated fabrics and accessories have been customised to further enhance the value of this interior.