Costa Smeralda Year XLV – 2018


By Giovanni Magliaro

Creation of high quality, interior design projects and solutions Since 30 years. Faoma has been believed in a luxury concept free from every influence and it creates an exclusive customizable process, which can represent the unique personality of every customers and their own world. A high quality, punctual and precise service that is able to provide collaboration in order to create prestigious environments. The complexity and the importance of the created projects are designed in order to let the company developing its own knowledge and finding modern solutions from technical and executive point of view in the entire e field which require excellent handcrafted skills. These solutions characterize the most exclusive interiors thank to a personnel of high qualified and specialized employees. Nowadays Faoma’s production unit has a surface of five thousand square meters. where all the development and realization projects phases take place: there are a high quality joiner’s, workshop and a complete concept store where all the consultants work and are able to support every customer in their choices. The exhibition spaces are designed in order to provide an exploration and discovery experience through a lot of effects: environments where it is possible to meet the desired home style, to get inspiration for the selection of marble or wooden floors, claddings, sofas and accessories, to customize classical and contemporary style environments. Faoma deals with all the technical phases that are necessary to create what the customer really wants: evaluations and executions, constant check of all the handcrafted process steps from the test to the preparation of the packaging and the assembly at the place by the qualified workforce. A corporate philosophy which “puts the Man and his home at the top”.

Faoma has been dealing with excellent interior design projects development for thirty years. It is a symbol of quality and punctuality and the attention to details is presented in the absolute exclusiveness of its own projects.